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What is ALCHEMY? A Treatise on Alchemy in Four Parts Part #1 In the simplest possible terms, Alchemy is a praxis which seeks to understand the relationship between Consciousness (“I AM”) and Matter. Easy to dismiss as either pre-scientific chemistry, concerned only with bubbling potions in vain attempts to ‘transmute metals’ from lead to gold via the famed ‘Philosopher’s Stone’,…

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Tarot is very reliable if only the querent, the one seeking its wisdom, is actually aware of the question. All the answers are there – indeed, they are everywhere, in everything – if only we can actually articulate and understand our question.

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On the Tarot of Fibonacci

Oracles are never what they seem. For oracles to be oracles they have to contain something hidden. The more you think you understand them, the less you probably do. That’s where the danger lies. As the ancient Greeks said, the words spoken by oracles are like seeds. ~ Peter Kingsley, In the Dark Places of Wisdom You might remember the…

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