Our Services

Our Services

Tarosophia offers professional Tarot consultations and Learned Instruction in the
Science & Art of Divination

Skype / Telephone Consultation for 30 or 60 minutes


Add an Occult flavour to your Party or Event with Tarot

Home Visit

A 90 minute consultation in the comfort of your own home


Learn the Thoth Tarot and the Opening of the Key Spread

Our Philosophy

Tarot is a visual language, as surely as music is a sonic language.
Tarot is a pictorial Alphabet.

Cards combine to tell Stories and spell Mysteries, that we unravel together.

Tarot is a path of Self-Realization.

Divination means to make your own choices Sacred, and united with transcendant, not merely personal, Purpose.

That is Wisdom.

That is what we promise, no more, no less...The Wisdom of the Tarot.


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