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Events – Tarosophia

Tarot and other Divination methods like palm-reading can add a transgressive, edgy and unique flavour to the right sort of party or event…

We have great experience blowing minds with some of London’s most raucous nightlife brands including the infamous A Curious Invitation, Seven Deadly Sins, Secret Garden Party and more besides. We have also provided our services for huge corporate/public events such as The Brit Awards.

There are always queues 🙂
It seems churlish to have to point it out, but not every event is such a good fit for Ye Olde Occult Shenanigans, so please have a little think about the sensibilities of your likely guests before wading in…

We recommend at least two readers for your event, as the consultations inevitably occupy 10-15 minutes per client and – as mentioned – there are always queues! Event the most hard-core skeptic has been known to wait in line after hearing feedback from our many satisfied revellers.

Whether you are looking to add a piquant spice to your recipe for fun or a fascinating and compelling talking-point at your retreat, celebration or team-building day, let the devilish delights of Divination loose upon your unsuspecting guests for a twist they will never forget.