Ananda Incense

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Ananda brand Natural Organic Incense imported from Brazil – Frankincense.


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Imported exclusively from Brazil, this is the “Ananda” brand of organic, natural incense which is highly expedient as a calming, cleansing and space-preparation tool for Divination. We exclusively use Frankincense.

Hand made and using only natural, highest quality resins, we at Tarosophia have spent years searching different suppliers of incense and oils and guarantee that these are the best and most suitable for liturgical celebrations, magic rituals, yoga practices and events where the goal is an enlargement of consciousness. Wherever convenience means that a censer and charcoals are either awkward or inappropriate, Ananda Incense is simply unbeatable in it’s authentic, ancestrally handed-down recipes and powerful yet not overpowering release of its precious scents and psychoactive properties.



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