Home Visit

This service is only available to clients in the Greater London area. Furrther distances may be considered, by arrangement – please use the Contact Form.

A 90 minute Tarot consultation and meditation in the comfort of your own residence.

Prior to the consultation, your chosen room will be smudged thoroughly with finest quality Frankincense and other sacred herbs, and a number of preliminary prayers, invocations and sacred songs will be performed for the purpose of cleansing and banishing stagnant influences while inviting and welcoming the guides who will oversee the consultation and assist the reading.

A detailed, bespoke spread will be  performed, and you are welcome to record the session for later reference, or request a recording for emailing to you afterwards. There will be time for questions and clarification at the end of the reading. You may ask as many questions as the time allows for.

This is a thorough ceremonial ritual within your home according to your needs and designed to assist with transformations, Spiritual development or major transitions in your life.


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