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Maria Monteiro – Tarosophia

Maria Monteiro

Naturally gifted, intuitive, empathic, attuned to the Nature and diversity of the mata Atlantica in Brazil, Maria has been part of the Spiritual current of her homeland since she was a small child.

An initiate of a line of mediumship that extends from the Heart of the Amazon Rainforest all over the World, Maria uses the traditional Tarot de Marseille deck, along with her guides and eclectic alliances in Spirit to bring focus, clarity and agency back into narrative of her clients’ inner Story. She is also an ayahuasca medicine-woman with more than 30 years of experience.

Maria is receptive, and has the gift of seeing behind the Veil that appearances clothe the deepest structures of Divine Providence behind. A reading with Maria is like the Dance of Ishtar, from which the modern ‘strip-tease’ derives -the sacred significance of which is the disrobing of the masks, veils and armouring that our social games, bloodline, culture and inner anxieties have insisted our True Self parade around in to avoid exposure of our authentic Self. Maria aims to reunite your social and well developed self with this essentially hidden and rejected aspect of who you really are, bringing your full power and potency into your own recognition and control, to do with as you please.

As with all our readers, the goal is to get you to a position where you do not give away your vitality, agency and strength to others who wish to direct you to their own ends. Divination is giving voice to the voicelesss, the forsaken within you, so that it can be liberated. In this way can Maria help empower your faculties for deciding your own course, owning your strength and deploying usefully to your best advantage in your circumstances.

Phone: +44 793 666 6163
Email: maria@tarosophia.com


Daniel blew me away with his accuracy and precision. He has a deep and intricate knowledge of tarot. He has helped, healed and guided me through some important life transitions. I recommend him to friends and to myself!!

Alice Bird

Award Winning Actress

Incredible experience…I came with more than a hint of skepticism, but couldn’t escape a creeping sense of awe as the reading proceeded…I just literally had my breath taken away. Much to think about!

Semera Khan

Video Producer, Sony UK

This guy is operating somewhere near the genius level…a trusted counsel in my life, I cannot recommend enough.

Mark Mabon

Professional Life-Coach

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