60m Online or Telephone Consultation

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A longer 60 minute Tarot telephone consultation, with a choice of either Zoom Video, landline or mobile connection according to your preference.


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A longer, more detailed 60 minute telephone consultation using the Tarot, with a choice of either Skype Video, Zoom Video, landline or mobile connection – according to your preference.

You may require very detailed analysis of a particular situation, or perhaps you have several questions and would like clear advice regarding a number of themes or diverse areas of change in your life. In this case, a 60 minute reading will be more appropriate, giving you more time to discuss, ask questions and explore the larger picture.

New Year overviews and major transformations or undertakings are well suited to these sittings, big relationship shifts or major turning points in life also, as various reading strategies can be adopted that use many more cards, including the Opening of the Key Tarot and Hero’s Quest Tarology spreads. Bespoke spreads according to specific enquiries will always be employed.

A few minutes before the end of the reading, your Reader will summarize the main points of the session so you have a clear understanding of the overall picture of the Oracular Advice.

If required, you can also discuss the creation of a written document about the spread, delivered a week later, with many more insights and a thorough summary about the spread and reading, which can serve as a text for continuous reference as your life unfolds after the session according to the time-frames indicated by your reader in the session about what you are working with and how long you should consider efforts towards any particular ends.

This can be a very valuable extension to the reading, but is completely between you, the client, and the individual reader, and subject to whether both are in agreement about the value of such an extension. It is often worth it!


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