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Danny Nemu – Tarosophia

Danny Nemu

Hands are all around us, fiddling with things on the bus and gesticulating in conversation, writing out the story within for those who can read the words. With massive data sets and continuing studies into dermatoglyphics and medicine, the interface of science and divination in palmistry is going to be interesting for a long time.

My study of the Tarot sprung out of an initiation into Magick from a lady with blue hair. I was a young and savage materialist, but an empiricist as well, and damn it! It worked!

I also write books, give talks, and save the universe on weekday evenings.

Phone: +44 793 666 6163
Email: nemu@tarosophia.com


Daniel blew me away with his accuracy and precision. He has a deep and intricate knowledge of tarot. He has helped, healed and guided me through some important life transitions. I recommend him to friends and to myself!!

Alice Bird

Award Winning Actress

Incredible experience…I came with more than a hint of skepticism, but couldn’t escape a creeping sense of awe as the reading proceeded…I just literally had my breath taken away. Much to think about!

Semera Khan

Video Producer, Sony UK

This guy is operating somewhere near the genius level…a trusted counsel in my life, I cannot recommend enough.

Mark Mabon

Professional Life-Coach

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