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Daniel dos Orixás – Tarosophia

Daniel dos Orixás

Daniel has been studying and divining with the I Ching and the Thoth Tarot for 18 years.

Daniel offers spiritual counseling as an initiate of various World lineages, having sat with Masters from East to West, learning with rinpoches, houngans, shamans, witch-doctors, root-workers and mediums, along with the Forest entities and ‘caboclos’, or native-spirits of the Amazon – his spiritual home – Daniel brings a wealth of expertise and invisible alliances to the complexities of the Tarot. Daniel is both an experienced Vipassana meditator and ayahuasca ceremonialist. These spiritual disciplines inform and substantiate the counsel and tutelage which is his style of reading. You will learn about the Tarot and the nature of Mind, as much as about your own circumstances and options.

The first and most important question for anybody seeking this wisdom is “Am I preparing to give my Power to a stranger, or am I preparing to investigate, understand and take responsibility for my own Power, and how it inevitably brings advantage and disadvantage to the ever-changing contexts of my Life and my community?”

Philosophical, challenging, but always practical & straightforward with his interpretations and advice, Daniel can offer clear guidance for re-framing your life, expanding your options and reclaiming your agency and the power to choose. Daniel can be met in person for readings at Mysteries in Covent Garden, London on Fridays and Saturdays between the hours of 11am – 7pm, where he has guided thousands of clients with every imaginable conundrum over the years.

Phone: +44 793 666 6163
Email: daniel@tarosophia.com


Daniel blew me away with his accuracy and precision. He has a deep and intricate knowledge of tarot. He has helped, healed and guided me through some important life transitions. I recommend him to friends and to myself!!

Alice Bird

Award Winning Actress

Incredible experience…I came with more than a hint of skepticism, but couldn’t escape a creeping sense of awe as the reading proceeded…I just literally had my breath taken away. Much to think about!

Semera Khan

Video Producer, Sony UK

This guy is operating somewhere near the genius level…a trusted counsel in my life, I cannot recommend enough.

Mark Mabon

Professional Life-Coach

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