Learn to read the Tarot to a professional standard, and guide youself with a practical tool for living a more skilfull, authentic and meaningful Life.

If you are just starting out with a curiosity to learn how to read Tarot, or if you are familiar with the cards already but feel it’s time to move beyond simpler meanings and spreads and take on the Thoth Tarot, the Opening of the Key, Elemental Dignities and Tarology, then private tuition is available to get you started or deepen your practice.

Our tutors have years of experience working in the heart of London’s Soho – West End / theatre-land – at the famous Mysteries of Covent Garden, established in 1986. With a huge client base from all over the World, from all walks of Life, of every age, creed, profession, sexual orientation and faith, this is a tarot education for which there are few comparisons.

Hundreds of querents and seekers every month bring their problems, anxieties, hopes and plans for consideration of the oracular advice dispensed from this trusted, long-standing national treasure of the English, and especially London, Occult circuit. It is a hub of international confession and transformation.

You will be taught by modern Masters of the Craft, forged in the crucible of this extremely busy and challenging Ponto Astral. Probably the most liminal city in the World, with strong influence from a multitude of international Occult engagements in it’s Shadows and Mysteries, London produces very sharp cartomancers…

Your instruction will proceed from this hard won, Spiritually tested experience in the rigour and clamour of London’s busiest Spiritual market space.

This will not be information you can find online, copied from popular textbooks and modified for easy digestion by the curious and voyeuristic.

You will learn the Spiritual Power, Purpose and Potential of Tarot as a tool for living, an aid to meditation and a potentially lucrative avenue of income should you find yourself called to servicing others in a professional capacity; and if you do, you will have the support of readers who have demonstrably satisfied thousands of seekers from all over the World, helping you develop your own unique addition to the sum of knowledge of this noble and worthwhile curriculum of the human Spirit.

With study materials and online documentation and tutorials, as well as one-to-one Skype sessions with the Readers of Tarosophia, our structured programs for both Beginner and Advanced readers will help you arrive at a deep, intuitive and heartfelt understanding of the power and utility of the Tarot as a tool for living, and to give readings for others with confidence and style. You will be receiving a first class education in cutting edge Divination for the 21st Century, and a gift to yourself.

We do not take on just anybody, and casual interest is not enough to learn Tarot, however much you might be willing to pay.

Instruction will be considered according to your answer to what appears to be the simplest of questions, but which will form the basis of an ongoing meditation throughout your education and beyond, as you begin to adopt the Way of Tarot in order to actualize your Spiritual Sovereignty. Be completely honest:

What are you trying to achieve by learning Tarot?

Click the button to answer if you are ready to invest in a course of change, and wish to know more:
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