Consultations can either be for 30 minutes or 60 minutes, with a choice of Skype (Video or Voice), Mobile, or Landline.

Our Zoom / Skype set-up means you can see the cards for your reading as well as the reader, which – depending on your issue – may sometimes be important. Some consultations really require your visual engagement with the imagery of the Tarot and participation in the visual language of the cards.

Otherwise, or if you prefer, a regular landline telephone or mobile phone can be used.

There are no hidden fees or charges in the phone-lines – you pay a standard rate according to your contract, and the session is a flat fee.

You are welcome to record the reading, or request a recording along with your booking prior to the session – this can then be emailed to you afterwards.

Tarot is a path of Self Awareness – be sure to check out thoroughly¬†our Philosophy to be sure that we are the right choice for you. Read about our approach, and watch the films we have prepared about the process. Divination is a serious matter and should not be undertaken lightly. Also, always be aware that the cards tend to reflect what’s most important or true: be mindful what you ask if you are uncomfortable with intimate details of your life becoming part of the reading.

It is quite impossible to obtain satisfactory results from this or any other system of Divination unless the Art is perfectly required….

~ Aleister Crowley

No fortunes told, no tall dark strangers… Just practical, immediate advice, and strategies to deal with the Present.

That’s all we ever really have to work with: NOW

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