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Here you can request a date and time as well as specifying your chosen session length for a reading with Tarosophia.

We highly recommend you choose a 60m session, as it is better value, a more relaxed approach to a complex process, and generally is more rewarding for both your reader and for you, the ‘querent’. However, we continue to offer 30m slots, as we are aware that modern life is not always chock full of 1 hour breaks in which you can explore your spiritual options with an oracle!

Due to the nature of divination, and busy schedules, bookings are not automated – the form below allows you to check & confirm availability, but you must also purchase the service you require – by either clicking on the appropriate icon below and proceeding to checkout, or from our shop, in order to complete the booking 🙂

Alternatively, you can just email us with your request and we will respond as promptly as we are able.

Feel free to correspond or call for further information if there is anything you wish to discuss or clarify before making a booking.


There Is No Time But The Present

Divination should only be attempted when the Art is perfectly required…

~ Aleister Crowley, The Book of Thoth

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