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About Tarosophia

The Wisdom of the Tarot
A Tool for Living and Way to Truth
At Tarosophia, we are in service to your sincerity as a seeker, and the depth of your desire for transformation of your situation.

We do not accept that destiny runs on tramlines, or that it is meaningful to speak of futures as fixed, predictable outcomes over which we have no power nor influence in the present.

Our approach is absolutely not fortune telling.

If the future were so certain as to be 'predictable', there would be no agency to change anything - like watching a film, already directed, scripted and acting out in front of us, as mere spectators of a drama, removed from ourselves and our key role in the co-creation of this Reality.

This is a disempowering view - the exact opposite of what Tarot is for!

The first step the Fool of the Tarot takes is...the Magus, or Magician. A Magician manipulates Reality, encounters the laws behind perception and sensation, and uses them to modify the conditions of his or her Being toward whatever goal may be desired...

Tarot provides insight into your situation and your role in creating it, clarification of deep underlying structures and hidden influences which help determine the outcomes of your attempts to imagine your life into Being.

Becoming Conscious of the ingredients of your Life can provide the freedom to change the recipe to better suit your evolving tastes and need for nourishment - of mind, body and soul.

It is a useful and trusted means of examining your situation from a deeply intuitive and spiritually precise system of thought and practice regarding the deepest secrets of human evolution and possibility.

Whether seeking a new ideal, starting something uncertain, undertaking a daunting project, or looking for resolution of conflicts inner and outer, Tarot can help you find and work with authentic certainty.

Tarot + Sophia

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Daniel helped remove obstacles that had stood in my way for a few years – for various reasons – in terms of pursuing my authentic passions within my field. A through reading at Easter was nothing short of life-changing, and the written accompaniment has been a very prophetic document to return to again and again in the months that have followed. Thank you so much, and let’s arrange another!

Manya McClew


Daniel blew me away with his accuracy and precision. He has a deep and intricate knowledge of tarot. He has helped, healed and guided me through some important life transitions. I recommend him to friends and to myself!!

Alice Bird

Award Winning Actress

Incredible experience…I came with more than a hint of skepticism, but couldn’t escape a creeping sense of awe as the reading proceeded…I just literally had my breath taken away. Much to think about!

Semera Khan

Video Producer, Sony UK

This guy is operating somewhere near the genius level…a trusted counsel in my life, I cannot recommend enough.

Mark Mabon

Professional Life-Coach